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It all started as a simple family tradition that a boy shared with his mother.  Since he was nine years old, Ignacio Luevano would help his mother prepare her delicious tamales that she only made a couple of times a year and only for very special occasions.  Unlike the rest of his siblings who preferred to avoid the kitchen, Ignacio couldn’t get enough of it.  He delighted in all of the tastes and smells and the fact that he was creating something special with his own hands.  Most of all, he loved the memories that he and his mothered created, and it was those memories that stirred a dream inside of him that would only come to fruition nearly six decades later.  After sharing his dream with his daughter, Sandra, and entrusting it to her, Ignacio was finally able to pass on the special tradition he shared with his mother, creating memories with his daughter like his mother did with him.

Inspired by his mother and named after his wife of over 50 years, Ignacio created Adelita’s Kitchen as a tribute to all of those memories he shared with his mother and as an opportunity to share her delectable tamales to the world.  Specializing in homemade tamales of all sorts of flavors, Adelita’s Kitchen offers a variety of both savory and sweet selections, as well as all sorts of tasty Mexican delicacies, such as chile rellenos, green chile (including gluten-free chile), chips and salsa, and unique desserts.  With all items being made from scratch and in-house, Adelita’s Kitchen is dedicated to providing quality products that you and your family will enjoy.

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